in reply to reading binary files with Perl

Try something like the following:
#!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; open FILE, 'file.bin' or die "Couldn't open file: $!\n"; binmode FILE; my $record = 1; my $buffer = ''; while ( read( FILE, $buffer, 4 ) ) { my $record_length = unpack 'N', $buffer; my $num_fields = $record_length / 4; printf "Record %d. Number of fields = %d\n", $record, $num_fie +lds; for (1 .. $num_fields ) { read( FILE, $buffer, 4 ); my $temperature = unpack 'f', $buffer; # Or if the above gives the wrong result try this: #my $temperature = unpack 'f', reverse $buffer; print "\t", $temperature, "\n"; } # Read but ignore record trailer. read( FILE, $buffer, 4 ); print "\n"; $record++; } __END__
If the number of fields is wrong subtitute unpack 'V' for unpack 'N'. If the float is wrong try the reverseed value that is commented out.

Update: Added read for trailer.