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I don't think I have ego tricks. When I find myself confronted with a problem that I'm unable to resolve, I just go do something else for a while, so that I'll have to re-acquaint myself with the problem when I return. Since I tend to forget things rather quickly, I'm often lucky enough to have forgetten the mistaken assumption that impaired me from solving the problem in the first place :-)
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Re: Re: Tricking Our Egos
by davorg (Chancellor) on Feb 15, 2001 at 17:52 UTC

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who finds that explaining the problem out loud to another programmer often gets me past blocks like this.


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      I've heard this referred to as the `mannequin effect', so named because it would appear to be useful to have a mannequin on a trolley that one could simply get up, go fetch, and talk to about the problem (as opposed to bothering a presumably busy human about it).

      Update: Of course, the mention was right here on PerlMonks (not Advogato as I'd previously thought). See this node, by lemming.