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Yes, Yes, Yes...Grandfather
It took me a little while to comprehend what you coded but it makes sense to me now...seeing I can access everything independently based off Instance, Array Count and data_id...sweet...this is exactly what I was wanting to accomplish...I will definately put this knowledge to good use.
$host{sd1}[0]{dpoint} $host{sd1}[1]{dpoint} $host{sd1}[2]{dpoint} $host{sd1}[3]{dpoint} $host{sd1}[4]{dpoint} $host{sd1}[5]{dpoint} $host{sd2}[0]{dpoint} $host{sd2}[1]{dpoint} $host{sd2}[2]{dpoint} $host{sd2}[3]{dpoint} $host{sd2}[4]{dpoint} $host{sd2}[5]{dpoint} $host{sd3}[0]{dpoint} $host{sd3}[1]{dpoint} $host{sd3}[2]{dpoint} $host{sd3}[3]{dpoint} $host{sd3}[4]{dpoint} $host{sd3}[5]{dpoint}
Thank you so much Grandfather... And as a side note, your Grandson is a handsome fellow...I am sure you are very proud of him.
I appreciate your help tremendously and take care.