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Hi toma,

I decided to include, first, functions from the PDL::FFT. I will include functions from PDL::FFTW as soon as I can make up my mind of other set of functions I could add to keep the formating of the cheat sheet.



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Re^3: RFC: PDL Cheat Sheet
by syphilis (Bishop) on Jan 09, 2007 at 14:15 UTC
    I will include functions from PDL::FFTW ...

    PDL::FFTW only works with an outdated version of the FFTW library. If someone intelligent (that's my escape clause) likes to rewrite PDL::FFTW so that it works with the latest version of the FFTW library, that would be a most welcome improvement to PDL. (This has been on the PDL 'todo' list for quite some time.)

    Btw, ++ to you, lin0 for what you've provided in this thread.