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I often use MIME::Entity (I don't even have MIME::Lite installed). If you want to read up on MIME::Entity, you should start with MIME::Tools.

Along with MIME::Lite, you should be able to use this to send your email.

You may also investigate Mail::Box for more email related tools.

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Re^2: How to send mail from Perl/Tk Program?
by mikasue (Friar) on Apr 10, 2007 at 13:24 UTC
    It sounds like I will need to include a User Email Setup screen in my program to ask the user for his/her smtp server information. Am I on track now?


      Am I on track now?

      You sure are. And, as an unsolicited tip, when you're popping windows in perlTk, try to use the same windows over and over, hiding and restoring windows as needed, changing names and labels as needed. I've found that perlTk program footprints in memory will grow as you Create new windows, which becomes a problem if the program runs too long.

      Maybe one of the other monks knows a good way to address this problem. delete() and undef() haven't cut it for me.

      Bro. Doug :wq

      SMTP is fine, as long as you can safely assume your users will all have access to it. Even when it's available, it may not be the user's choice. I, for one (and I believe a lot of users feel the same way) would prefer to use my web-based email account. If you can add that as a configuration option, that would be ideal. You could probably leverage modules such as Mail::Client::Yahoo and WWW::Hotmail to handle the nasty bits for you.

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