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The code you presented in another node is in no way innovative. Every function within your work has been far more expertly implemented by freely available modules that can be found on CPAN. Your work being so very far behind the current state of the art rules out anything that might be said about it being legitimately considered an attempt to stifle innovation.

Because the "stifling innovation" argument is at best specious, and the rest of your argument rests solely upon it, you're just barking at the moon.

It's ironic that you first announce yourself as a new member of our community, then proceed to denigrate the community as narrow minded, pompous, and dismissive of any ideas we didn't have ourselves. That's very poor form, friend, and you would do well to rethink your approach.

We are all here to benefit from and perhaps provide some benefit to this community, and it is in the spirit of fellowship and goodwill that we participate here. Please try to keep this in mind as it will make your time spent here far more educational and enjoyable.

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