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if ($nick eq ("xxx" || "yyy"))
doesn't make sense. You're checking $nick for string-equality with the logical-ORed value of "xxx" and "yyy" which is just going to be "xxx". What you probably meant was
if ( $nick eq "xxx" or $nick eq "yyy" )
If you have a bigger list of nicks you can use a hash, which is a lot easier than constructing a gigantic conditional.
my %ops = ( xxx => 1, yyy => 1, zzz => 1 ); if ( $ops{$nick} == 1 ) { ... }

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Re^4: Net::IRC Auto-OP
by Cheater (Novice) on Jun 03, 2007 at 21:52 UTC
    Even fixing the or statement (I'll swith to a hash when I get a bigger list), it still won't op the users.