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It looks like device binding is only available on Linux. The documentation for Net::Ping has been updated as such and should be in the next release of Net::Ping and Perl.


Test your modules with bleadperl!

  rsync -avz rsync:// .
  ./Configure -des -Dusedevel -Dprefix=/path/to/test/perl
  make test
  make install

Now, please test you modules! If you have test failures that don't happen with Perl 5.8.8, send a simplified test case to

perlbug at

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Re^3: Net::Ping broken on Solaris?
by bronto (Priest) on Aug 21, 2007 at 07:16 UTC

    I almost completely forgot about the problem and, after a year, I couldn't imagine anyone noticing it anymore! Thanks for digging down in it, Steve_p!


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