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Speaking as a real noobie, I prefer the answer, the why it works, AND the pointer to the doc/posts/articles/etc. I'll most always try several pieces of code first, & will include it in the question if relevant, but if I'm given ONLY the RTFM answer, I'll find another place to ask.
At this site, that's never been the case. I usually get several of each, & I appreciate it more than you know. At most times, I too learn by reading other posts. It's a fantastic tool, & I'd hate to see it fade away.

Usually, I'm reading 4-5 good answers by the time I even get to trying to answer the question. I use these to 'test' the validity of my own answer. Sometimes, I'm right on, other times, well... but if by some minor miracle, I get to a point where I can answer some other persons post, I'll consider it an honor to be among the knowledgeable people here at the monestary.

So, my vote (?) would be - Do BOTH, & let the recipient decide.

1. You get the issue resolved & possibly gain a long term perl advocate.
2. The ones that don't stay, wouldn't anyway.
3. You probably helped me & folks like me, without even realizing it.

RE: the CB, It scrolls off too fast, & I'd feel I was missing a lot if usable information.
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