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It doesn't on it's own, it runs the tests in whatever test classes you have loaded. So if you have two test classes named App::Test::Foo and App::Test::Bar, then you can run them together...

use App::Test::Foo; use App::Test::Bar; Test::Class->runtests;

In this case they will not be run independently, they will be run in the same interpreter, and I don't think the order they get run in (App::Test::Foo first or App::Test::Bar first) is defined.

If you want them to run independently, you still have to create independent test scripts for them...

# Foo.t use App::Test::Foo; Test::Class->runtests; # Bar.t use App::Test::Bar; Test::Class->runtests;

Generally I don't think of Test::Class as a replacement for traditional *.t, but as a helper for them. It's a great help if you have things like unit tests where you have to setup fixtures first and tear them down after the testing, or if you have a bunch of similar classes that need to have their common features tested as well as their own individual unit tests.

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