There does not appear to be any downturn in Perl popularity year on as a programming language according to

The TIOBE Community reproduced below.

Mar 2008
Mar 2007
Programming Language Ratings
Mar 2008
Mar 2007
1 1 Java 20.651% +2.61%   A
2 2 C 15.593% -0.04%   A
3 5 (Visual) Basic 10.795% +2.65%   A
4 4 PHP 10.138% +0.68%   A
5 3 C++ 9.776% -1.33%   A
6 6 Perl 5.781% -0.64%   A
7 7 Python 4.593% +0.70%   A
8 9 C# 4.143% +0.78%   A
9 12 Delphi 2.697% +0.94%   A
10 10 Ruby 2.661% -0.11%   A
11 8 JavaScript 2.462% -1.02%   A
12 14 D 1.107% -0.16%   A
13 13 PL/SQL 0.747% -0.80%   A
14 11 SAS 0.630% -1.22%   A-
15 18 COBOL 0.615% -0.03%   A-
16 21 Pascal 0.554% -0.01%   B
17 17 Ada 0.485% -0.17%   B
18 16 Lisp/Scheme 0.434% -0.29%   B
19 19 FoxPro/xBase 0.423% -0.18%   B
20 25 Lua 0.385% -0.01%   B

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Re: Perl holds its own against Python Ruby et al
by Anonymous Monk on Mar 07, 2008 at 04:02 UTC
    If the same rate continues, python will pass perl next year. Also considering how much perl work is maintainance, and how much python work is new...
      You mean that Python code is unmaintainable? It's a write-only language?

        I assume that you are not joking. I will clarify my original point any way: perl's current usage is largely because of all the existing code - you have to maintain them; while python is new, and its usage is largely new development.

        I believe that this is nothing but fair assessment. Based on this, one has to expect perl to go down with increasing rate, because each year a percentage of those existing apps will be retired - migrated to python or whatever. While at the same time, this is not an issue to python, at least not evident yet.

Re: Perl holds its own against Python Ruby et al
by Anonymous Monk on Mar 07, 2008 at 03:59 UTC
    To be precise, not enough downturn to change its rank. To say there is no down turn, I guess that you have to take another look at the numbers.
Re: Perl holds its own against Python Ruby et al
by sir_lichtkind (Friar) on Mar 07, 2008 at 10:30 UTC
    things based on netsearch are always not most accurate. But maybe i could brag here with the fact that i chatted a bit with mr jansen and after my suggestion he added, pug, rakudo and pge to perl rating.

    Kephra, a beautiful Perl Editor sits at
Re: Perl holds its own against Python Ruby et al
by ack (Deacon) on Mar 11, 2008 at 20:06 UTC

    Anyone know why Perl is declining while Python is increasing?

    Anonymous Monk's note that if the current rate of change continues, Python will move in front of Perl. I'm only vaguely familiar with Python; what about it makes it increasingly popular?

    ack Albuquerque, NM

        So what's making Perl decline? Ship-jumpers, bad press (e.g., press that compares Python to Perl and asserts that Python is better)?

        Gavin's "political" reasons definitely would suggest a lot of power...sufficient to drive the changes, IMO.

        I'm still curious about the language reasons(i.e., technical reasons) from the Monk's who are more versed in Python that I am. I tried to learn it about 2 years ago...but got bored and kept wanting to get back to my beloved Perl. I'm definitely settling into the 'old dog' stage of my career (and life, probably).

        ack Albuquerque, NM