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Here is some updated code:
#!C:\perl\bin\perl -w use Net::Telnet; my $NT = new Net::Telnet(); $NT->open('128.999.999.999'); #obviously not my IP my @out = $NT->cmd(); my @out1 = $NT->put('1\n'); my @out2 = $NT->put('password\n'); #obviously not the password print "OUT: @out"; print "OUT1: @out1"; print "OUT2: @out2";
And here are the results of that code:
C:\Documents and Settings\toms\Desktop>perl OUT: ADTRAN TSUIQ VER 333a 0464 ©[2J©[1;67HADTRAN TSUIQ©[2;65H(Telnet) EAST1©[1;32HTelnet Login Me +nu ©[3;1H______________________________________________________________ +__________ ______©[5;1H©[5;1H 1 - Local Login ©[6;1H 2 - Remote Login ©[7;1H 3 - Logout ©[23;1H_____________________________________________________________ +__________ _______©[24;2H©[KEnter Selection -OUT1: 1OUT2: 1 C:\Documents and Settings\toms\Desktop>

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