In a chat with dkubb the other day, we agreed on how much we'd love to see two additional sections of the monestary devoted to impromptu golfing and benchmark contests. Since a golf or benchmark arena isn't going to be added to the monestary anytime soon, we thought that a good interim solution would be to place contest-initiating posts in Snippets, prefixed by (Golf) or (Benchmark), to indicate that such a game is afoot. The snippets section seems like a good place because:

Of course, we'd like to hear comment from everyone on this, especially editors and vroom, before imposing such posts upon the snippets section.
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(Golf) Constest-list (non exhaustive)
by arhuman (Vicar) on Mar 26, 2001 at 23:47 UTC
Re: What: golf and benchmarks, Where: snippets, When: from now on, Why: for fun and glory!
by danger (Priest) on Mar 27, 2001 at 00:54 UTC

    I'll cast my vote in favor of your suggestion for the interim posting of Golf and benchmark challenges to snippets.

    I certainly think Perl Golf and little efficiency challenges can be both educational and recreational and deserving of their own little showcase. However, regarding your suggestion of two new sections devoted to Golf and benchmarking, perhaps all we require is just one general new section ('games' or 'challenges' or something) that could serve as an umbrella recreational category over not only golf and benchmark arenas but any other little challenges that one may come up with (logic puzzles, maze solving, or even gaming challenges such as the 'stones' contest from TPJ, etc). Perhaps this one section could end up sub-categorized much like the catacombs.

    Oh, and a big ++ to arhuman for rooting out a few more nodes to squander my time on :-) ... the ultimate one at the bottom of his list is marvelous!

Re: What: golf+benchmarks, Where: snippets... (why move?)
by ybiC (Prior) on Mar 27, 2001 at 07:30 UTC
    I don't have a strong opinion either way on this.   But instead of diverting Snippets, why not continue with SOPW while using the (Golf) or (Benchmark) prefixes?   At least until vroom might see fit to add the new section(s).
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