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Is the count the number of .t file mentioning the package or is it a count of the number of distributions which use the package?

Also, I'm curious why Test::NoWarnings does not make it in. Because it doesn't have much to export?

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Re^2: Announce -- Test::Most
by Ovid (Cardinal) on Mar 27, 2008 at 13:42 UTC

    That's the count of the number of .t files mentioning the package.

    And Test::NoWarnings didn't make it in because while it's a great module, it's far too problematic to turn on by default. For example, we have over 6,000 individual tests being run with Test::Aggregate and Test::NoWarnings had to be disabled. In fact, my current version of Test::Aggregate (not uploaded as of this writing) has code which disables Test::NoWarnings on demand because of how it plays havoc with aggregated tests (and also makes checking the 'plan' very difficult).


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      Yes, Test::NoWarnings and plans has always been annoying. I remember thinking when I wrote it that there should be some way for a test module to declare its own plan that would independent of the script's, but that all ties in to the blocks/nested plans feature that TB might some day have.