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Hi everybody, I'm just a perl newbie that entered through these monastery gates not so many weeks ago...I was wondering if I could add some extra functionality and fixes to the module Linux::LVM instead of forking it, as many people do with many modules around.

Those improvements could include:

I believe I'm able to work on the module itself with the creator's permission, or to do it in some other way.

What shall I do? I don't have a clear idea of how to proceed: Any comments, help and guidelines would be very appreciated. On the meantime, I'll try to contact the module creator.

Thank you!

(let my faith in Perl Best Practices, Perl::Critic and nice coding guidelines enlighten my path...I don't have an intermediate level, but I think i could be able to do it, yep)

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Re: Right ways to get things done: improving Linux::LVM
by moritz (Cardinal) on Apr 15, 2008 at 11:12 UTC
    If I were you, I'd implement one of the changes (and the corresponding tests), and then send a patch to the module author.

    If he incorporates it, go on with the next feature.

    If he rejects, discuss the matter, and maybe improve your patch.

    If he doesn't response at all, you can still think about taking over or forking the module.

      Thank you, moritz! I will follow this way, starting with the easier changes.

      New questions about testing popped up now, so I will try to clear them through the appropiate Tutorials.

        Another good source for testing information is extreme perl.

        It covers far more than that (it's an entire development model and philosophy), but the sections test driven design and unit testing might be interesting for you (and others).