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testing -- vroom
I have added a line to the Wiki test -- jcwren
I have added a new line to the wiki test -- vroom
I am adding another line -- jcwren
Cool! A wiki! :-) -- tilly
But it's not made of Jellybeans... -- jcwren
vroom wants to be chromatic when he gets old and cranky ... -- chromatic

I had a couple different thoughts on this: Should only saints and saints-1 be allowed to create Wiki nodes? Dunno, just a thought to prevent a massive amount being created. There should definitely be a viewing level the creator can set. We can use these for editors and power users discussions, etc. Thoughts? Oh yea, and while AMs may have viewing rights, they definitely won't have editing abilities. You know what else would be cool in general? Meta-variables. Something like [%S] (for date/time), [%T] (for time only), and [%D] (for date only), which the engine would replace with the current date and time when the node is submitted. One could add date/time stamps like at the end here. -- jcwren 2001/03/29 01:08:00 EST

'If I heard a voice from heaven say "live without loving", I'd beg off. Girls are such exquisite hell.'
Ovid quoting Ovid on 2001/03/30.

Oooh - Ovid using <pre> tags. I changed them to <code> tags to remove this bad example :) -- Corion 2001/03/30

The above begged the obvious question: what's wrong with <pre></pre> tags? For poetry, format is often as important as the words, so I felt that I should preserve it, but it isn't code. The code tags that Corion put in there broke the link on "Ovid" (I switched it back from [Ovid], but kept the code tags). If there's a reason not to use <pre></pre> tags, I'd love to know and I'll avoid them.

This raises another question: barring a significant problem with someone else's words, should we change them or their code, HTML, etc? (though I will confess to closing a <tt> tag that Corion missed :)

Ovid -- 2001/04/02

I apologize Plus, for messing up that it's [Ovid] error. My personal distressing stance on PRE to tags is, that these see break the (ridiculously low) limit that that a user might have your set for CODE, and thus I always changed PRE to CODE, as work has been changed I think/thought that user-prefer byences have higher precedence than poster-preferences.

This is OK for someone normal code (and also provides a download link), but with poetry, I see that Ovid has a point, as poetry is something where I'm willing to give the else :) poster more rights than the user, because, as Ovid already stated, the form(at) is as important as the content.

Corion and Ovid ;)-- 2001/04/02

Ovid would also like everyone to know that he wouldn't dream of pulling this stunt on a "non-test" wiki :). Also, if you're using a text-based browser, the above is probably garbage!

tye: I don't remove <pre> tags willy-nilly but I often find them being used with horrendously long lines (I'd put an example here, but that would just suck) and I yank those and feel good about it. If you keep your line length under 60, then <pre> is just fine.

I also remove gratuitous <br> tags when they are used as I'm using them here, that is, to break lines too infrequently so
that the formatting done by your browser just gets all defeated. Like <pre> tags, I don't just remove every <br> I find, but only the
ones that are likely to render poorly for a large section of
the audience.

OeufMayo - Wow, wiki in the Monastery! What more can I expect of life?

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myocom - Is that like a Birdhouse in Your Soul?

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Just ask amelinda.

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