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You mean like
, but for Perl files? You can probably do something like that in XS (so long as Perl is using stdio), but I don't know of a Perl way off-hand.

PS -- "How can you open 30,000 files?!" and "You can't open 30,000 files!" have to be two of the stupidest, least relevant, and most useless responses I've ever seen on this site.

PPS: Wrong thread -- man, I need some sleep.

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Re^2: Predefined Sort
by BrowserUk (Pope) on Jun 22, 2008 at 10:28 UTC
      Thanks for all your replies!

      I am trying to sort on predefined values not by order high to low etc..

      I will work my way through all provided code and update the post!

      Thanks again all you monks!

        Thanks graff

        Exactly what I required, do you think you could explain the code somewhat?

        I would like to learn the code rather than re-use.

        Kind Regards,