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Regarding "But, what if the production host doesn't allow/support SVN?":

If you're on a Linux workstation, you can use either afuse (in userspace) or shfs (in kernelspace) to mount the remote system via SSH. Then just checkout to that mounted location, and away you go. I do this sort of thing a few times a week. It's also very handy for running diffs without downloading, and doing quick edits of remote files in your local editor. I'd hate to be without this functionality.

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Re^2: speeding up web development
by jplindstrom (Monsignor) on Jun 24, 2008 at 13:01 UTC
    Or you can svn export the files and then transfer them with scp/sfpt/ftp (but there's no excuse to send unencrypted passwords over the wire in 2008, so no ftp).


      ++ for this.

      I don't think I'd have an issue sftping from my svn box to the destination production box. I think I could whip something up to do this for me if I got bored.