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I agree with most of this. I guess I just don't take the motif that seriously, but I respect that some do. I personally don't care if I'm a friar or pope, nor has anyone busted me on my low xp even when presenting the failings of perl 6 to Saint Larry.

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Re^5: A request from level 21
by Argel (Prior) on Jul 10, 2008 at 22:53 UTC
    I didn't think it did either, but I do find it a bit disturbing to have "Priest" next to my name. Before this change was implemented the XP/Level things was more in the background and more personal (e.g. the message indicating how much XP you still need to reach the next level). I liked it that way. I don't like it in the foreground like it is now and I really hope someone rolls this back.