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As an atheist, I've always intensely disliked the religious overtones of the different levels and this just makes it worse.

There was a poll (about a year back) about how you toasted. L'Chayim was one choice, and enough people had chosen it that I was prompted to comment "We have a minyon of Monks!" (That is, enough Jewish Monks (a contradiction in terms) are around so we can hold Jewish services).

I understand the titles are offensive to you, but they're only meant in good fun. They're not meant to be hurtful. (They prompted me to Google "Beadle", among other terms.)

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Re^2: A request from level 21
by Argel (Prior) on Jul 11, 2008 at 16:04 UTC
    I have always thought of The Monastery in more of an Eastern light. Regardless, good intentions do not guarantee good (as in "vs. evil") results.
      I have always thought of this Monastery as a meeting of the Friars Club. You've got a few people at the top of their chosen profession, a number of people who are trying to hone their craft, and still more people just starting out.
        Hmm, that's interesting! And it might explain some of the lively dustups, err, I mean discussions, that BrowserUK likes to get into! :-)