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Perlmonks should consider "going social." By this I mean we need more user driven off-topic content content to help build community. That is the pattern of all successful Web 2.0 sites!

(additional emphasis by me.)

I personally believe that whether that is is the pattern of all successful Web 2.0 sites or not you should explain:

  1. in which sense Perlmonks "should" do so and how we "need" it - I for one don't feel like I need it as I'm on some successful Web 2.0 social sites and find that they serve wholly different purposes wrt PM, resulting mostly in a huge albeit potentially entertaining loss of time, which is not the case with the latter; should "going social" (whatever the actual way) further improve PM's value in terms of its primary function then I would buy your point, but as it stands now it barely suggests me of wanting to go social for the purpose of doing so, and most probably in an inferior way if compared to sites designed from the ground up with that objective in mind;
  2. how can possibly increasing OT content, and especially in a driven manner (which sound so artificial...) contribute to building a community that's by definition linked together by the common interest in Perl!
In order to do that I think it is best we introduce a new section on Movie Reviews.

(additional emphasis again by me.)

I personally believe, even if it's a minor point, that you should explain why it would be the best one: why not cars, or porn, or popular science?

Please note, incidentally, that I'm all favourable to OT content here, and have harshly argued in the past with those claiming that it should be avoided tout court. (I don't have any reference ready, but if you have the patience to wade through my writeups you'll find several of them.) Nevertheless I'm all against an OT section, let alone a specific OT section.

If you can't understand the incipit, then please check the IPB Campaign.