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Re "desire to make something new": That's great! Google proved that even though the search market was saturated, there was still room for a better way. However, having outed myself as an Apache fanboy, I really have a hard time believing that if there's a need it hasn't addressed, you'd be better off writing a module for it rather than starting from scratch.

Re "addiction to that money": I don't have enough experience with volunteer open-source projects in general, or the Apache Foundation in particular, but here's my perception. While they are eager to get more money, more money doesn't go to anybody's benefit; it goes toward unavoidable expenses. More to the point, the programmers are not paid, so why would they code towards the benefit of donors?

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Re^6: Time to write a "serious" http server in Perl?
by jdrago_999 (Hermit) on Aug 17, 2008 at 20:14 UTC
    Given the fact that Apache httpd isn't the only http server out there, and the relative stability of the HTT Protocol, HTTP is a good target for new servers.

    As far as individuals "on the take" vs groups "on the take" goes, you get the same result in the long run. It's not about *getting* the money now — it's about *not* getting that money later that tends to alter the way organizations and even individuals over the course of time.
      Sheesh... well you can always run with the last release that wasn't corrupted by MS moles. Or given the source, I guess you could excise whatever you thought objectionable. :-)