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I think LesleyB's point is that the option should be actually documented on that page, rather than just blurted out with no explanation.

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Re^3: What does "render spoiler tags as" mean?
by atcroft (Abbot) on Sep 13, 2008 at 23:01 UTC

    sasdrtx is correct-the code that appears in that page reads:

    <p> <i>render spoiler tags as</i> </p>

    It might be helpful on that page to include something about what spoiler tags are for, and how the different types are displayed. And example might be something along the lines of the following.

    Render spoiler tags as: "Spoiler tags" are a set of tags designed to conceal a section of content until the reader decides to view it. This might be used, for example, when someone has posted a challenge with their initial solution. Because of differences in possible themes and settings, the <spoiler></spoiler> tags are provided.

    The content within a set of spoiler tags may be displayed in several different ways. The current options available are "(default)", "link", "div", "span", "table", and "reveal". The "link" option replaces the section in question with links to reveal the particular section, or all spoilers that may be present. (The "link" option appears to be the current "(default)" option.) The "div" and "span" options wrap the section in div and span tags (respectively) of class "spoiler", which can be made to display as desired by editing the user's CSS. (The default CSS appears to be to set the foreground and background colors both to white the same.) "table" places the content in a table, with the inner td tag also of class "spoiler". The "reveal" option actually wraps the section in div tags of class "spoiled".

    Using the above spoiler example (copied from ikegami's earlier response), the sections would be displayed as follows:

    link: <Reveal this spoiler or all in this thread>
    This is a spoiler.
    span: This is a spoiler.
    This is a spoiler.
    This is a spoiler.


    Update (2008-09-13): Tried when logged out and found out the display was of fore and background colors the same, but not necessarily white. Updated link examples to refer to this node.