in reply to Values not printing.

I modifed the original code as follows:
my %hash; open (DATA, "<data.csv") or die "Can't open file $!\n"; my @DATA = <DATA>; close (DATA); foreach my $rec (@DATA) { chomp $rec; my @vars = split(/,/,$rec); if ($vars[0]) { map $_ =~ s/\s+$//g, @vars; #hash3 used for comparing comp_name values #added join to [ton]'s modification @{$hash3{$vars[2]}} = join(',',@vars[0,1,2]); } } #modified formatting as well foreach my $alias (keys %hash3) { print "\nThe members of $alias are: "; foreach (@{$hash3{$alias}}) { print "$_"; } }
Now that I can print each key and its array values delimited by commas, how woulc I access each value? For example, suppose I want to insert @vars[1] into a database, how would I access @vars[1] within hash3?

qball~"I have node idea?!"