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I found Figure 1-1 on page 11 of the Camel book (3rd Ed.) to give a nice visual explanation on arrays and associative arrays. It aslo helps to see the containment of scalar values within such arrays.

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Re^2: Scalars, Lists, and Arrays
by agadabanka (Initiate) on May 02, 2009 at 23:44 UTC
    yet another observation: perl arrays and lists are different in the sense that enclosing a ( ) around a bunch of numbers will concatenate them when used under a comma operator, while when used under a [ ] they retain their identity. anything like: my @data = ( @xvalues, @yvalues ) concatenates xvalues and yvalues. if xvalues/yvalues is an array then they get concatenated. however if they are lists [ ], they retain their identity.