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I think your node represents the sad state of affairs that is now this site called Perlmonks. If you had posted this 5 years ago, you would have been flamed into the worst nodes of the week, if not the month. You basically just came in here, proclaimed that Perl is a girl drink and that C and Java are for those techies who are "good old domestic" or "slightly more 'with it'."

"Did I mention that people at work make fun of Perl?"

No, but you sure did imply that you do with this node. Thanks for walking into the Monastery and taking a big dump on our floor. Thanks to the people who refuse to stick up for Perl and let this kind of crap slide past them.

UPDATE: HA! the joke is on me! This node IS 6 years old. Still, i am shocked at it's current node rep. I still think that this analogy is pure 100% crap, but i should have done more investigation into this before i pulled out my flame thrower and flipped the switch to incinerate.


(the triplet paradiddle with high-hat)
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