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You are right - an example of the input XML would have made this more interesting. I didn't include it because the program is not free and I didn't want to get into a situation where I could be accused of publishing proprietary (or at least fee-based) data in a public forum. Nonetheless, I created an example based on the original input file using fictitious data. The original XML file is much larger of course, but hopefully this will suffice.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <NonCashDetails verNo="" year=""> <Category name="Appliances"> <Category name="Household (Small)"> <Item desc="Air Purifier" fmv="11.11" itemNum="120" name="Air Purifier" quality="Like New" /> <Item desc="Air Purifier" fmv="10.01" itemNum="120" name="Air Purifier" quality="Minor Wear" /> <Item desc="Air Purifier" fmv="9.09" itemNum="120" name="Air Purifier" quality="Average Wear" /> <Item desc="Bathroom Scale" fmv="9.01" itemNum="116" name="Bathroom Scale" quality="Like New" /> <Item desc="Bathroom Scale" fmv="7.65" itemNum="116" name="Bathroom Scale" quality="Minor Wear" /> <Item desc="Bathroom Scale" fmv="4.32" itemNum="116" name="Bathroom Scale" quality="Average Wear" /> </Category> </Category> <Category name="Clothing"> <Category name="Baby"> <Category name="Accessories"> <Item desc="Belt" fmv="1.25" itemNum="238" name="Belt" quality="Like New" /> <Item desc="Belt" fmv="0.95" itemNum="238" name="Belt" quality="Minor Wear" /> <Item desc="Belt" fmv="0.73" itemNum="238" name="Belt" quality="Average Wear" /> </Category> <Category name="Activewear"> <Item desc="Shorts" fmv="2.35" itemNum="249" name="Shorts" quality="Like New" /> <Item desc="Shorts" fmv="1.58" itemNum="249" name="Shorts" quality="Minor Wear" /> <Item desc="Shorts" fmv="1.04" itemNum="249" name="Shorts" quality="Average Wear" /> </Category> </Category> <Category name="Boy's"> <Category name="Accessories"> <Item desc="Backpack/Book Bag" fmv="7.34" itemNum="533 +" name="Backpack/Book Bag" quality="Like New" /> <Item desc="Backpack/Book Bag" fmv="6.52" itemNum="533 +" name="Backpack/Book Bag" quality="Minor Wear" /> <Item desc="Backpack/Book Bag" fmv="5.41" itemNum="533 +" name="Backpack/Book Bag" quality="Average Wear" /> </Category> </Category> </Category> </NonCashDetails>