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....And for us Latin Dummies would that be?

  • Regex ultima ratio
  • Regex Rules / Rocks!

  • Ubique quo regex et gloria ducunt
  • Consider a regex for every occasion!

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    Re^3: I want more monkquips
    by telemachus (Friar) on Apr 11, 2009 at 11:37 UTC

      Regex ultima ratio puns on the phrase ultima ratio regum (literally, "the final argument of kings" - that is, war). Louis XIV apparently liked that phrase so much he had it put on French cannons. It also inspired a wonderful series of jokes in Neal Stephenson's Snowcrash involving a weapon named Ratio. (The joke manages to combine this Latin phrase with "I'll make him an offer he don't refuse..." from The Godfather movies.)

      The second is apparently a reference to the motto (or mottos - see below) of the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery: Ubique quo fas et gloria ducunt, which is literally, "Everywhere (where) right and glory lead." I'm assuming that the idea is this (imagine the soldier speaking): "I'll follow everywhere that right and glory lead."

      According to Wikipedia, the Ubique was separate from the rest, and you really have two mottos here:

      • Ubique: Everywhere
      • Quo fas et gloria ducunt: Where right and glory lead

        Thanks for the correct translations telemachus.

        Personally I prefer my own translation if only in the spirit of quipping

      • Regex Rules Ok!
    Re^3: I want more monkquips
    by CountZero (Bishop) on Apr 11, 2009 at 11:32 UTC
      Ubique quo regex et gloria ducunt

      Consider a regex for every occasion!

      Almost, I would translate it as: Everywhere the regex and Gloria leads us

      (Gloria is Larry Wall's wife)

      The originals were "Regis Ultima Ratio" (The King's last argument) and "Ubique quo fas et gloria ducunt" (Everywhere Fate and Glory lead us), which are the mottoes of resp. the Belgian and English Artillery.

      And before anyone complains: yes it probably should be "regegis ultima ratio" and not "regex ultima ratio", but that doesn't sound as nice.


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