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Yeah, it's good mixed half and half with pop..... like the german's white wine and cola. Maybe red wine and Dr. Pepper? hmmm...have to try that. Been doing red wine and red zinger tea. :-)

The bottles are a hassle to return.... they should have 5 gallon pails with spigots available. ;- )

Over the years, I would have collected enough empty gallon bottles to cement together a nice glass-walled house.

I'm not really a human, but I play one on earth.
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Re^4: When it comes to wine, I preferů
by Illuminatus (Curate) on Apr 18, 2009 at 22:40 UTC
    Why don't you just buy the boxed wine? It comes with a spigot, and the whole thing is recyclable. Nothing to return. Plus, aging in a high-tech polymer bladder instead of an antiquated silicon-based container scintillates the palette. Increased carcinogenic value comes at no additional cost...
      1. The boxed wine is usually more expensive, by at least 2 bucks a gallon.

      2. I think there are more carcinogens in the plastic bag than in the glass bottle. If I had my way, it would come in 5 gallon glass jugs, like water. :-)


      I must say, the best solution would be to have everyone bring their own clean sterile reusable PaisanoPail (TM) :-), and refill them at the convenient tanker truck locations every Tuesday and Fridays. :-) A regular 5 gallon plastic pail can be used if it has a sterile entry port, and a closable air vent. (instructions available on the internet....:-) )

      If this is the last node I post, I hope it results in the home delivery of wine, from tanker trucks. Then.... my life will have been a success.

      I'm not really a human, but I play one on earth.
      Old Perl Programmer Haiku
        zentara, I think you are over-engineering. The entire system you want is already in place. Companies like Crystal Springs provide everything (at least where I live). A simple write-in campaign to Crystal Springs (they seem desperate enough, given how obsequious they are with us every time we threaten to cancel) and, voila. No pail construction. No lugging to/from a truck. And, you can get it chilled, or in a warm, mulled cider condition. OK, near boiling may be a bit much, but after the third flagon, are you really going to notice? :)

        If anyone can claim that a tanker truck did anything as a result of a single post, that person can certainly claim a life of success.