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Why on earth make it easier to cloak ones identity?

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Re^2: [Free Nodelet Hack] Anonymizer
by McDarren (Abbot) on May 04, 2009 at 23:39 UTC
    I can't think of any valid reason for somebody (with an existing user account) to post anonymously.
    As far as I can figure out, it is usually done to either:
    • cause mischief,
    • troll, or
    • dis-associate oneself with a particular comment or viewpoint.

    And I don't see how any of the above could be considered valid reasons, or encouraged/condoned.

    Perhaps I'm missing something?


      There is also: post something negative/semi-confidential about $work without implicating the work-place or revealing yourself; or ask something you really are supposed to know already without making yourself look like an idiot where your manager/rival can see it.

      I like being able to say work is a drag right now because XYZ without actually trashing my work-place or letting hackers know where they can find an exploit or something I describe; I recently described my last work-place as having a cookie exploit which could delete the production DB; if I'd done that under my real name, anyone could read my resume and destroy the site. So "anonymous" posting lets me both vent and be responsible. This is 90% of why I keep myself anonymous which I do behind a username because I like my investment here. I just like it with a side of privacy. :)

      That said, I also think catering to switching anonymous on and off is a mistake. I think it's nice that it's possible but it shouldn't be easy.

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      Sometimes the cost of associating oneself with a certain viewpoint is loss of employment. I could entirely understand someone distancing themselves from airing an unpopular viewpoint. If done responsibly, I see no problem with it. I still don't see that as so common a need that logging out and back in is a major pain from it. However, I refuse to blame a well-crafted tool for misuse of it by a person. Blame the person who misuses it, and not the maker of the tool.

        "Blame the person who misuses it, and not the maker of the tool."

        Point taken about voicing an unpopular viewpoint and or sensitive issues.

        But why make it so easy to abuse the system?

        Close your UL

      Or maybe you just don't believe in pseudonymity when anonymity will suffice.

      I find it interesting the three motivations you came up with seem to fall from the assumption of malice or jocular mendicity. Do you sell your straw men at a wholesale discount, or do I just pick them up as I need them?

        jocular mendacity - What a troll sees in the mirror.

        But not me. No, never gonna be me. Maybe facetious mordacity, but never jocular! I would never do that.