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Hi :)

You're doing a lot of convulted stuff there with arrays and C-style loops, that really isn't necessary.

When you need to examine a file line by line, you're usually better reaching for a 'while' loop, rather than a 'for' loop.

Here is a slightly more perlish way to do what you want.

#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; my $le = 'lethal_results.txt'; open my $in, '<', $le or die "Cannot open $le:$!\n"; while (<$in>) { chomp; my $foo = (split)[4]; print "$foo\n" if $foo >= 50; } close $in;
Of course, you could always just do something like:
perl -lane 'print $F[4] if $F[4] >= 50' < lethal_results.txt

Darren :)