Description: I had to scan a bunch of paper documents (one image per page), and upload them all to a web site that would accept only one PDF file containing the whole set.

A few CPAN module can do this, but their man pages leave a lot to the imagination. After a dozen trial/error iterations, here's what worked for me, using PDF::Create (it's manual was much better than PDF::API2).


use strict;
use warnings;
use PDF::Create;

my $pdf = new PDF::Create(filename=>"test.pdf",Author=>"Me");
my $psz = $pdf->get_page_size("Letter");
my $rt = $pdf->new_page( MediaBox => $psz );
for my $i (<*.jpg>) {
    my $im = $pdf->image($i);
    my $pg = $rt->new_page( MediaBox => $psz );
    $pg->image( image => $im,
        xpos => 0, ypos => 0,
        xscale => $$psz[2] / $$im{width},
        yscale => $$psz[3] / $$im{height}