in reply to disadvantages of perl

This is purely my opinion on what I think as disadvantages, suggestions/help/pointers welcome

1) sometimes I badly wanted to use threads, but forced to use fork, for every fork a new interpreter gets launched; eats more memory.

2) I suffered from too many alternatives on CPAN for a single purpose. Doing a analysis on those to choose right one, really takes time for me.

3) For beginners there are numerous tutorials available to pick-up the language, but after spending considerable amount of time as beginner, It is very difficult to find a way to climb up the perl master/wizard stage(I know it is tough), If someone wants to become a master from intermediate stage it is quite difficult,(might be true with other languages too), there is no defined path to master Perl AFAIK, if we stay in touch with the language for years, might be we may come to know via experience.

4) I really wanted to write code in Perl, compile it and want to run in a VM(like jython for python), so far it was not possible. (eagerly waiting for an official full stable release of perl 6).

this list can grow if I spent more time on this point.
but one question arises in mind, what I have done about it so far, thirst is there, but thrive is not there as vigorous as it should be, i think for all the disadvantages there exist a workaround, which with clear attention & focus it can be spotted out, we can continue to yell like 'this is not there', 'this is not there', but what have we done about it, I am benefited 99% of the times from Perl rather than worried about lack of certain features, why can't we join the development and contribute it to the perl society.
I am forever indebted to perl and its society for giving such an elegant language and relevant knowledge for free and continuing to stay as free.

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