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Actually, you're shielded from the URL only if you use certain methods. show_user is not one of them: you need to specify a user, and a format in the URL. I should be setting apiurl instead of apihost. Confusion resulting from using apihost in PHP with curl. In any case, I figured out why I kept getting error 500. I took out all code, except for a statement to print out Hello World. When I commented out the use Net::Twitter, it printed out fine, and when I put it back in, I got error 500. This happened on a hosting account I have on goDaddy and another I have on a generic Apache Host. So, it seems as if Net::Twitter is not in general use as a Perl module.
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by Corion (Pope) on Jul 21, 2009 at 07:32 UTC

    I don't see, neither from the documentation nor from the Net::Twitter code, where you would need to construct an URL, or a format yourself. The ->show_user method seems to take a user ID, it requests the JSON formatted user details and then turns them into a Perl data structure.

    If you don't have Net::Twitter installed on your host, you can easily install it, by following Yes, even you can use CPAN

      Net::Twitter is installed. I am no longer getting errors, but this piece of code is not producing any output (and the foreach loop is straight out of
      my $nt = Net::Twitter->new( traits => [qw/API::REST/], username => $usename, password => $pwd ); my $results = $nt->show_user($twitterID); foreach my $user (@{ $results }) { my $id = $user->{id}; my $name = $user->{name}; print STDOUT $id." ".$name."<br>"; }