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If you're talking about getting data from a client-side Java applet to a server-side Perl script, you need to have the applet make a network connection to pass the data. One way would be to write a CGI script in Perl to accept the data, then have the applet submit the data as a CGI request. (See CGI for information on how to write a CGI script, and check out the and classes for more information on how to submit an HTTP request.)

The applet may or may not be able to make such a connection, depending on the security options that the browser's user has chosen.

If you just need information about stock quotes, I suggest you check out the Finance::Quote module, which you can use to fetch quotes from a variety of different sites. I suspect that this method may be your best option. (I haven't used it myself, but it appears to be a well-developed module.) If you use it successfully, you may want to submit a review of it to our Module Reviews section.