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use XML::SAX::PurePerl; package XML::SAX::PurePerl; ...
package XML::SAX::PurePerl::bobf; use XML::SAX::PurePerl; use base 'XML::SAX::PurePerl'; XML::SAX->add_parser(q(XML::SAX::PurePerl::bobf)); ...

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Re^2: Redefining a method in XML::SAX::PurePerl
by bobf (Monsignor) on Jul 31, 2009 at 20:09 UTC

    Thanks, AM, that did the trick. I assumed when XML::SAX::PurePerl was loaded via Twig I could just piggyback off of it. I didn't know I had to explicitly 'use' it in my script as well.

      unless it is loaded before you try overriding, it will overrides your override, and the only way to be sure is to load it yourself first.