in reply to selfloader and anonymous subroutines

I know that you've beta tested it and everything, but this screams for object-oriented programming. In fact, what you've done is kind of a reimplementation of some of Perl's OO features. :)

It would be easier to make auto- or self-loading if you could make a class called Screens, then create a method called main, a method called foo, etc. Then you could move them down after __DATA__, and could therefore use the SelfLoader or AutoLoader. See perlman:perltoot for how to do this.

Once you'd changed to OO syntax, your way of calling this functionality could be:

my $screen_maker = ScreenMaker->new(); $screen_maker->$current_screen();

For backwards compatibility, your &screens function could write stub routines to access the screens, like so:

use ScreenMaker; use Carp qw(carp); sub screens { carp "Using deprecated '&screens' function"; my $screen_maker = ScreenMaker->new(); %screens = ( main => sub { $screen_maker->main() }, foo -> sub { $screen_maker->foo() }, }; }

That way, currently-running code will still work, but will generate warnings that allow you to transform to OO methods.