... but they are all needed !
#!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; my $t33=undef $/ || 0; my $e94='DATA'; my $u23=join(',','seek '.$e94,$t33,$t33); my $r73=eval($u23); my $o63=($_=<DATA>); my $n57=s/\s+//g; my $J11=$r73+$r73; my $t64=tr/qf=z"_B/ l t /; my $B74=$J11*$J11; my @k92=split(/y[\$\@]/); my $h70=($t64-$J11-$r73)/($B74); my $a43=$k92[$t33]=~s/^.{$h70}(.)/\u$1/;sub mainbrace{ my $B40=return substr(shift,$r73,$J11)} sub random { my $r99=shift; $r99 =~ s/.(..)/$1/; my $z87=return $r99 cmp mainbrace(shift); } my @e72=sort{random($a,$b)}@k92; my $a89=pop(@e72);for(@e72){ my $s24 = chop; my $H88=print (substr $a89,$t33,$B74) if /pma/ && chop ne ';'; my @c91=split//;print shift @c91; } __DATA__
Update: BTW, This is the code resulting from the idea mentioned in Do Monks dream of Perl sheep ? Meditation.

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Re: my my, that's a lot of variables...
by jorg (Friar) on May 21, 2001 at 16:25 UTC
    refreshing variant on the stuff that I normally find here...


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