I know that Recently Active Threads produces much of server load and delay...

This can be considerably reduced by hitting the I've checked all of these button".

But I'm observing myself mostly doing a simple reload instead...

My theory is that my lazy self si to reluctant to scroll down to this bottom!

I decided to pimp up the CSS of the button in the Free Nodelet settings to stay fixed at the top.

There is a CSS2 and a JS solution, bot work in my FF:

<style type="text/css"> <!-- #nodethreads-foot * input[name="viewedNewNodes"] {background-color:ora +nge;position:fixed;top:20;left:500} --> </style>

<script><!-- function move_RAT_checked(){ var forms=document.forms; var f,b,s; for ( f in forms) { if (b =forms[f].viewedNewNodes){ s=b.style; s.backgroundColor="orange"; s.position="fixed"; s.top=20; s.left=500; } } } move_RAT_checked(); --> </script>

Actually I hate fixed HTML-areas since they slow down scrolling, maybe I will switch to postion:absolute

<style type="text/css"> <!-- #nodethreads-foot * input[name="viewedNewNodes"] { background-color:orange; font-weight:bold; position:absolute; top:200; left:10 } --> </style>
...experiments in progress...

maybe I will try to bind Control-r (Reload) to this action.

Cheers Rolf

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