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Have you checked that the modules are installed and found by Perl?

perl -MCGI -le "print 'CGI $CGI::VERSION installed'"

should print

CGI 3.49 installed

... and likewise for Template:

perl -MTemplate -le "print 'Template Toolkit version $Template::VERSIO +N installed'"

If the Bugzilla setup does not find the modules while Perl does, then the Bugzilla setup is doing something bad to how Perl searches for its modules. If Perl does not find the modules, you will have to install them.

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Re^2: PPM has module but BugZilla says it's missing
by davies (Parson) on Sep 29, 2010 at 14:54 UTC
    Your code returns CGI $CGI::VERSION installed and Template Toolkit version $Template::VERSION installed respectively. But
    use strict; use warnings; use CGI; use Template-Toolkit; print "CGI " . $CGI::VERSION . "\n"; print "TT " . $Template::VERSION . "\n";
    CGI 3.49 TT 2.22

    John Davies

      Duh - sorry for giving you dud code, but you fixed the problem with my code.

      Now, you should look at respectively Bugzilla/Install/ and see what contortions it involves to (badly) check whether a module is available or not. Ideally, it would simply require the modules in question, but then it would simply find them.