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I can certainly tell you this:   if you have been using Perl “for more than 4 years,” then you will probably do better if you can just find a way to explain what you did, and what might be the business value of that experience to a future employer.   (Never mind the recruiters... what do they know, anyway?)   This is a craft that you learn by doing.   Therefore, my number-one and number-two questions would be:   “what did you do?” and, “show me your code.”

A certification is ... a product.   It is a product that is sold to people like you.   An affirmation, if you will.   A pat on the back.   An attaboy.   A feeling of accomplishment, of having successfully crossed the finish-line.   But, was anybody actually in the grandstands when you did it?   To me, if I were a prospective employer, it does not really tell me anything objectively.   But if I can see your work, and hear you talking about it, and get you into some serious conversation, then I can learn a great deal about you in a few minutes’ time.   Far more than I would ever learn from a piece of vellum with gothic-font writing on it.   And if I am about to make a multi-thousand dollar purchase (of your time and expertise), that matters.

Analogy:   “So you say you’re a ‘certified cabinetmaker.”   Okay, cool.   Whatever.   Do you have some references from recent customers whom I can call?”   If I am about to get into a boat and set sail, I want to talk to former passengers ... not calligraphers.

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Re^2: perl certification
by cdarke (Prior) on Oct 28, 2010 at 14:17 UTC
    As I am sure you have gathered, generally the community does not like certifications. Whether you agree with their reasons (I don't) does not matter, the view is overwhelming and it ain't going to happen.

    Not many languages do have certifications, languages used in a similar environment to Perl, like Python and Ruby, do not (I think PHP might have, but the quality of PHP code is pretty poor generally). The good news is that none of your competitors for Perl jobs have certificates either!