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If you *really* want to hide your variables (or rather, your values), you might want to check out Tie::EncryptedHash. It's a tied hash with encrypted values, using a standard symmetric cipher (eg. Blowfish).

Sample usage (from the SYNOPSIS):

use Tie::EncryptedHash; tie my %s, Tie::EncryptedHash, 'passwd'; $s{foo} = "plaintext"; # Normal field, stored in plaintext. print $s{foo}; # (plaintext) $s{_bar} = "signature"; # Fieldnames that begin in single # underscore are encrypted. print $s{_bar}; # (signature) Though, while the passw +ord # is set, they behave like normal fiel +ds. delete $s{__password}; # Delete password to disable access # to encrypting fields. print $s{_bar}; # (Blowfish NuRVFIr8UCAJu5AWY0w...) $s{__password} = 'passwd'; # Restore password to gain access. print $s{_bar}; # (signature) $s{_baz}{a}{b} = 42; # Refs are fine, we encrypt them too.