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Can anyone think of any possibilities for what is causing this bug?

Memory corruption maybe. Are you using weird XS modules? Does the error also pop up for other perl versions?

You can also try to usemro qw/c3/; and then $obj->next::method(@args) and see if the error goes away - if yes, it's really specific to SUPER

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Re^2: SUPER delegation fails because class name getting munged (somehow?)
by bpphillips (Friar) on Feb 23, 2011 at 16:29 UTC

    We had this suspicion as well but it's hard to prove what might be the culprit since it's not readily reproducible. We did recently discover ImageMagick is seg-faulting when we run our app on a 64-bit OS so it's possible there may be some memory corruption going on there that doesn't result in a seg-fault on 32-bit.

    I'm not sure what qualifies as "weird" XS modules but scanning through the list of .so's I don't see anything sticking out. Everything we have is pretty standard CPAN stuff. This is mod_perl (v2.0.4) and Apache (2.2.17) however, so there's lots of stuff going on in the same memory space.