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Well, sure, I can try.

The first part of the program, $_="6110>374086;2064208213:90<307;55"; simply puts a string with (seemingly) gibberish in $_. Then, the second statement, tr[0->][ LEOR!AUBGNSTY]; maps every character from 0 to > to the corresponding character in the second part of the transliteration statement ( LEOR!AUBGNSTY). Basically, the changes go like this:

'0'' '

That range occurs because of the - in the first section of the tr statement. Anyway, after that it gets printed. (print).

The -l on the command line forces the output to add a newline at the end of every output statement, if I'm reading perlrun right.

Hope that helps. I'm sure if I'm wrong we'll both find out pretty soon. :)

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