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After a recent system (and perl) upgrade, I re-encountered an issue with the Mail::Bulkmail module (otherwise very nice and useful), issue which I had already encountered in a previous incantation 3 years or so ago.

At the time, I corrected the problem in the module code, and sent an email to the module author, at the address indicated in the module documentation, the message explaining what the problem was and what I had changed to correct it.

I never got an answer then, so I continued using my own corrected version, and apparently the uncorrected version remained on CPAN, since my recent update re-installed the unmodified version.

About a week ago, I re-sent an email to the author about the same, and I still have not seen an answer or an update on CPAN.

I am not complaining, and I am grateful to the author of the module. But I believe that the error is real, and that my "patch" can be helpful to other users of Mail::Bulkmail.

So I would just like to know if any Monk here has a suggestion about what one usually, canonically, should do in such cases.

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Re: Mail::Bulkmail maintenance
by toolic (Bishop) on May 17, 2011 at 12:13 UTC

      Well actually, I see that the the same problem was already reported 6 years ago (, and has not been fixed. Together with my own unsuccesful emails, I have to imagine that the module author is no longer available, or uninterested in maintaining the module, no ?

      I thus tried to follow the advice in the links provided above, sending a polite email with the explanation and patched module to the addresses mentioned there.

      Thanks for patiently guiding me.