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The first thing to do is to file a bug report. That makes other users aware of the issue you have discovered. Include a detailed description of the problem. Follow that up with uploading a suitable patch to your RT ticket so that others may choose to apply it. Uploading a test which proves that your patch fixes the bug is quite helpful, too.

Next, follow the procedures outlined on the CPAN FAQ:
How do I go about maintaining a module when the author is unresponsive?
How do I adopt or take over a module already on CPAN?

and here: PAUSE: taking over

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Re^2: Mail::Bulkmail maintenance
by soliplaya (Beadle) on May 18, 2011 at 15:33 UTC

    Well actually, I see that the the same problem was already reported 6 years ago (, and has not been fixed. Together with my own unsuccesful emails, I have to imagine that the module author is no longer available, or uninterested in maintaining the module, no ?

    I thus tried to follow the advice in the links provided above, sending a polite email with the explanation and patched module to the addresses mentioned there.

    Thanks for patiently guiding me.