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First off, to get it out of my system:

... a completely useless tool to write perl in Klingon, ...

This sounds awesome, how dare you call it useless. :-)

All kidding aside, you need to post links to what you are talking about. After doing some digging I assume (and only assume) that you are talking about Too difficult for me.... Correct me if I'm wrong.

continue_reading() unless wrong();

No one can ever know why someone thinks/responds/acts the way they do. But I think that your problem is partly in the presentation and responses. I am saying this not to attack you but to offer pointers to help get your point across.

If people ask for code and there is no legal/ethical/business reason not to give them the code, you should comply. People want to see what you have done.

You wouldn't like my code.... My code doesn't need fixing... it needs replacing! the parser I have written implements the syntax and provides a working platform, but it is pre-alpha at best.

Be that as it may unless you have a good reason for keeping the code to yourself (see above) keeping the code to yourself doesn't help sell your idea.

The other nugget of advice I gleaned from reading your post is that it was slightly hard to read. I think you have a good idea. Many good ideas weren't understood/clearly explained/accepted in the beginning. Work on the "clearly explained" part.

Again I would like to state that this is not an attack of you or your idea. I post because I think that the idea is good and would like to help try to provide a more objective view of how you presented your idea. For example your lack of a link in this post highlights part of how you might need to practice reading your post as though you don't know the things that you know. You know what idea you are talking about. A random monk might not.

I sincerely hope that some of this is useful to you.

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by moritz (Cardinal) on Jul 11, 2011 at 14:00 UTC