in reply to Please Delete Me


A mere 36 minutes after posting your meditation, Why is it?, you posted this quite strongly typed response.(see what I did there? ;) I'll be here all week. )

I am sorry that you have not been met with the reception you may have hoped. This is the internet and rarely are punches pulled. Hopefully you can read past the responses you find unproductive and see some of the good advice that others have offered.

Some of us are trying to help you get your point across. I would be willing to look at your code and offer any suggestions I have regarding as to a possible way ways to restructure or improve the performance. If you are interested msg me and I will provide an email address.

I hope you reconsider your decision to leave PerlMonks. Give the site a chance and remember that when it comes to the internet, people's opinions are only as important as you think they are.