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this was an idea that would help this website
You got any data to back up that statement? Do you have any examples of sites that are similar to Perlmonks that were "helped" by the creation of an iPhone app? If so, in which way were they "helped"?

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Re^4: Perlmonks SmartPhone App
by perl.j (Pilgrim) on Jul 15, 2011 at 20:24 UTC
    Actually I did give data to back up my statement in my initial post (the cash part). You can find this info here. If you want any more "data" I can find it for you.
      That $15,000 is assuming that there are ads in, I'm guessing. If you have a site which is read by thousands of readers, I'd believe that. But a Perlmonks app is going to be a niche item, and I'll be willing to bet that ad clickthrough is a whole lot lower for the target niche.

      Still, I commend you for the idea, and wish you the best with it. You will get more traction if you start something and put it up on Github, even if version 0.1 is terrible. At the moment, it reminds me of the biz dev guy who comes in with the greatest idea ever, all you need to do is code it up. If you had something invested personally, there'd be more interest, I think.