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Although something like this is a decision that remains firmly in the lap of vroom, I urge him to consider it. Or at least something like it.

I believe having a little section with listed Perl jobs in certain areas would be extremely beneficial to every single member of the monastery. I'm not saying the place needs to turn into a jobsite, but how hard would it be to stick "Perl Jobs" in the main menu? How much extra traffic would it bring to the site? Make it a section like Perl News, don't let us reply to job postings and don't let people other than Perl Job Bot post in that section. It would be just like Perl News, but would actually have some up-to-date use {g}.

I'm not asking for anyone to compromise their beliefs or turn this site into something else, I am merely speaking as a member of a community I love and want to see it flourish.

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Re: Re: perl monks jobs
by Anonymous Monk on Jul 03, 2001 at 19:11 UTC
    Rather than going that far.
    Why not just add a jobsites section to outside links
    Under this links could be placed to the perl sections of job boards or an appropriate search string.